The Indian Ocean Great Game Unfolding Interests,Determinants and Perspectives

Editor: Sundeep Kumar. S

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The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) has become a theatre of competition among Asian powers and the US. This is mainly due to the rise of China as an Asian power over the last two decades. The region is a fulcrum for security and economic activity in the Eastern hemisphere of the world. It is one of the most important maritime routes connecting four continents. These routes are pivotal for the worldwide supply of energy and commercial activities. Hence, the ability to influence and dominate the region gives any nation a supreme advantage to control global trade and protect its security interests.

It is in this emerging competitive scenario that brought the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S); the Institute of Transnational Studies (Germany); the National Maritime Foundation-Tamil Nadu (NMF-TN) and the Department of Politics and Public Administration – University of Madras together to conduct a joint conference themed The Indian Ocean Great Game Unfolding: Interests, Determinants and Perspectives.

Scholars from diverse backgrounds, which include experts from the Indian Navy and Coast Guard; academicians; merchant navy; and researchers from reputed think tanks have contributed to this edition. Each chapter is a highly valuable addition to the existing knowledge about a global issue. It throws light on policies adopted by various countries, especially China and India, to safeguard their security and commercial interests in the IOR and provides a greater understanding of the complex power dynamics. The reader is guaranteed to advance their insight on the game of Chess which is spanning out in the IOR.

Editor: Sundeep Kumar. S is a doctoral candidate from the Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Madras. He also teaches Theories of International Relations and Introduction to Diplomacy to master’s degree students in the same Department. He worked with the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S) for two years prior to joining the University for his PhD. He has presented and published various articles and papers on the Chinese economy, Afghanistan, India-China relations and Iran. His areas of interests include China, India’s Foreign Policy, Afghanistan, Iran, the Indian Ocean Region, political economy and resource politics. He is also passionate about theoretical approaches to the study of International Relations and teaching.



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Klara Knapp Lange

Keynote Address
Inspector General RajanBargotra

1. Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace: Is the Concept Relevant?
V. Suryanarayan

2. India and China in Indian Ocean: Some Observations
AdluriSubramanyam Raju

3. India’s Strategy on South Asia and Indian Ocean
Vinod Anand

4. Maritime Threats and Challenges and Power Dynamics in the Indian Ocean: Some Indian Response Strategies
P. K. Ghosh

5. The Great Game in Indian Ocean: Indian Perspective
P. V. Rao

6. 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR): Historicity, Converging/Conflicting Interests and Responses
B. R. Deepak

7. India and China: Strategic Military Perspectives
R. Hariharan

8. Commercial Aspects of China in Indian Ocean Region
S. Sankaran

9. Cost of Energy Security in the Asia-Pacific
K. Subramanian

10. European Interests in the IOR: What Kind of Historical Subject Are We Talking About?
Klaus Lange



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