Corporate Culture and Work Ethics in Indian Print Media Industry

Sheela Bhargava

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Traditionally organizational culture and work ethics were not considered as activities that could add economic value and competitively deal with challenges. But this notion has undergone a huge transformation. Nowadays, companies that promote ethical values and behaviours via their organizational culture are likely to report better financial performance and goodwill in comparison to their counterparts. Companies are now recognizing that encouraging high ethical behaviour standards may help employees to be more open with their feelings, emotions, ideas and expressions which may pave way towards the formation of such an organization culture that may lead to providing high quality customer service. As businesses today compete in the global marketplace having a prominent presence of e-media and social media, as a result the employee-employer relationship has experienced immense changes. Companies want a workforce that is motivated and productive, has up-to-date skills, and can quickly learn new skills to meet changing customer and marketplace needs. But in the race to remain ahead in competition, companies forget to take care and nurture the ethical aspects of employees that further results in frauds and scams resulting in permanent damage for the company. Given the relevance of work ethics in print media industry, the contents of this book attempts to depict the relationship between the organizational culture of a company and the extent of ethical compliance adopted by its employees.

Corporate Culture and Work Ethics in Indian Print Media industry is based on the research work done for the doctoral thesis by the author. The experience of executives and non-executives working in print media companies have contributed tremendously towards this study. As a result, the book is based on their understandings, while offering a practical perspective. The book is appropriate for professionals and students associated with organizational behaviour with respect to media industry.

Sheela Bhargava is an Associate Professor of Human Resource at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Dwarka, New Delhi, India. She has a PhD Degree from a reputed Indian University. She has around 20 years of working experience of both industry as well as academia. She has authored books and published articles in national and international journals. Her research interest includes corporate culture, work ethics, engagement, training and skill development, positive psychology and entrepreneurship. e-mail:


List of Figuresand Tables

1. Introduction and Overview of the Study
2. Statement of Problem and Conceptual Framework
3. Objectives and Research Methodology
4. Empirical Analysis of Corporate Culture in Print Media: Results and Discussion
5. Empirical Analysis of Work Ethics in Print Media: Results and Discussion
6. Relationship Between Corporate Culture and Work Ethics: Results and Discussion
7. Major Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion




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