Comprehensive Maritime Security in The Indian Ocean Region: Challenges and Opportunities

Editor: Sithara Fernando

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The study of Maritime Security should not be limited to State/Military issues alone. It should be understood more broadly as including Non-State/Non-Military, Non-Traditional Maritime Security issues as well. This edited book explores Non-Traditional Maritime Security issues such as Sri Lanka’s Marine Environment, Illegal Fishing in South Asia, and Illegal Seaborne Migration from South Asia to Australia within a Comprehensive Maritime Security approach. Several chapters in this edited volume emphasize the links between Non-Traditional Maritime Security and National Interests and Security. The research in this volume point towards a need to understand Maritime Security comprehensively and holistically.

Editor: Sithara Fernando Dr. Sithara Fernando BSc (LSE) MA, MPhil, PhD (JNU), is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Strategic Studies, Faculty of Defence and Strategic Studies, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU). He has published several books on international maritime affairs such as China’s Maritime Relations with South Asia: from Confrontation to Cooperation (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012), Maritime Cooperation in South Asia (Manohar and Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, 2013), and United States-China-India Strategic Triangle in the Indian Ocean Region: Challenges and Opportunities (Editor) (Kotelawala Defence University and Knowledge World Publishers, 2015). He teaches a postgraduate course in Maritime Security at KDU.



1. Introduction
Jayanath Colombage

2. Sri Lanka and the Sea: The Environment as a Geopolitical Tool
SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda

3. Maritime Border Protection in Palk Bay and Palk Strait
Lanka Prasada

4. Fisheries, Livelihood and Security Issues in Palk Bay
R. S. Vasan

5. Examining the Fisheries Issues at the Maritime Boundary between India–Pakistan and India–Bangladesh
Prabhakaran Paleri

6. Seaborne Illegal Migration from South Asia to Australia: A Sri Lankan Perspective
Saman Jayawickrama

7. Illegal Migration from South Asia to Australia: An Analysis of Australia’s Response
Ananda Weerasinghe and Mahinda Attanayake

8. Conclusion
Sithara Fernando



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