Understanding Global Politics

Chanchal Kumar, Lungthuiyang Riamei and Sanju Gupta

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The book has widely covers the contemporary global politics reflecting changes in today’s world. It will equip the students and scholars to understand with deeper knowledge analysing international politics.

— Dr. Bhabani Dikshit, Managing Editor, World Focus, New Delhi

The book covers a wide range of areas in the context of globalisation and contemporary International Relations. It analyse the issues and processes of current global politics in an ever changing world. The book is comprehensively designed to meet the requirements of the undergraduate students of Delhi University and other universities across the country offering Choice Based Credit System.

— Dr. Nachiketa Singh, Associate Professor, SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University

The volume encompasses a clinical analysis of the multidimensional aspects of global politics in a comprehensive perspective. It will enable students to cultivate a holistic and deeper interest in the dynamic discipline of global politics.

— Dr. Pravin Kumar Jha, Assistant Professor,
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (M), Delhi University

Understanding Global Politics is ready reckoner text for the undergraduate students. It is comprehensive in its coverage with valuable inputs to international relations.

— Dr. Sujit Thakur, Assistant Professor, Dyal Singh College (M), Delhi University

Chanchal Kumar, Lungthuiyang Riamei and Sanju Gupta Understanding Global Politics is a pioneering work, which analyses contemporary issues such as climate change, migration, nuclear proliferation, terrorism as well as feminist perspective on International Relations. It covers the various dimensions of globalisation which affects on the accelerating world. The intergovernmental agencies such as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), International Court of Justice as well as the United Nations, are instrumental in directing the energies towards the control of proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The last section of the book deliberates on the global shifts, power and governance in a fast changing world order. The salience of global, regional and economic groupings like WTO, IMF, World Bank, BRICS, EU, etc are covered in great detail.

The book presents an opportunity to engage in Applied Global Politics and explore the core concept by students of Political Science, International Relations, as well as refresher for scholars of defence and security studies.

Dr. Chanchal Kumar is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University.

Lungthuiyang Riamei, PhD, teaches at the Department of Political Science, Dyal Singh College (M), Delhi University.

Dr. Sanju Gupta is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University.


Globalisation: Conceptions and Perspectives

1. Understanding Globalisation and Its Alternative Perspectives
2. Political Debates on Sovereignty and Territoriality, Cultural and Technological Dimension of Globalisation
3. Global Economy: Its Significance and Anchors of Global Political Economy (IMF, World Bank, WTO, TNCs)
4. Global Resistances: Global Social Movements and Non Governmental Organisations
5. The United Nations Organisation in a Globalising World Contemporary Global Issues
6. Ecological Issues: Historical Overview of International Environmental Agreements, Climate Change, Global Commons Debate
7. Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
8. International Terrorism: Non-State Actors and State Terrorism Post 9/11 Developments
9. Migration and Refugees
10. Feminist Perspective in the Contemporary International Relations

Global Shifts: Power, Governance and Processes

11. Global Shifts: Power and Governance, Emerging Multi-Polarity (BRICS, EU, Japan, India, China and Russia)
12. Revisiting Security: The Human Security Dimension



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