Space Security: Emerging Technologies and Trends

Puneet Bhalla

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Technology has been decisive in shaping the environment in the unique realm of Outer Space. The author has endeavoured to objectively analyse the envisioned development of technology, the ensuing applications and concepts and their likely influence on space operations, security and sustainability.

The book covers key issues such as:
• Technology Advancement
• Microsatellitesc
• Space Debris
• Radio Frequency Interference
• Cyber Security for Space Operations
• Indian Space Programme
It would provide valuable inputs to decision makers across various sectors, including the Armed Forces and Para Military Forces, wanting to exploit Outer Space for their benefit. It would also be of immense use to students of Defence and Security Studies and scholars pursuing research in matters related to Outer Space.

Puneet Bhalla Group Captain Puneet Bhalla is a helicopter pilot of the Indian Air Force, with extensive flying experience in diverse roles, covering most regions of the country. He has also served as a member of the UN Mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy Khadakwasla and Defence Services Staff College Wellington. His area of interest is technology and its application in support of national security. He has published papers and written articles on issues related to Outer Space, Unmanned Systems and Cyber Security.

1. Introduction
2. Technology Advancement
3. Microsatellites
4. Launch Systems
5. Trends
6. Space Debris
7. Rendezvous and Proximity Operations
8. Radio Frequency Interference
9. Cyber Security for Space Operations
10. Space Situational Awareness
11. Indian Space Programme



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