Climate Change New Security Challenges and the United Nations

Sabita Mohapatra

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The United Nations, born out of the smoldering ashes of the World War II, and the demise of the League of Nations with a lofty vision of the founding metropolis powers for scripting a world order with a language of their own choice to be pontificated to the rest of the world, unwittingly made itself a convenient contrivance in the hands of these powers for reinforcement of their sinister design and invidious national interest, played very superbly to their tune during the cold war quite oblivious of its enshrined signpost and disastrously dragged into the long battle line of super power rivalry and orchestrated armed conflict between and among their client states in various parts of the globe. During these long decades of turbulence the United Nations grappled with the formidable problem of arms race and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, was made to understand national and global security in statist and militarist terms relentlessly unaware of the onrush of other alarming note of non-statist and non-traditional security threats not heard in the cacophony of the sabre rattling that was taking place in the backyard of super power rivalry, bellicosity and enmity, even the apocalyptic message of Rachel Carson’ Silent Spring. With the end of the cold war these emerging and more devastating non-conventional threats such as climate change catapulted into the forefront of the policy making of world leaders and emboldened the United Nations to take up these under its stewardship.

Dr. Sabita Mohapatra is at present teaching Political Science in Odisha. Widely known in academic realm, she has earned a good name for her unquenched penchant for research and higher studies in International Politics. She also has few articles published in journals of high repute.




1. Introduction
2. Climate Change and Water Security
3. Climate Change and Food Security
4. Climate Change and Health Security
5. Climate Change, Natural Disasters and UN
6. Climate Change Induced Displacement and UN
7. Role of UN in Meeting the Threats of Climate Change
8. Conclusions

Sabita Mohapatra



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