Indo-Pak War 1971 Daruchhian

Inderjit Singh

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“The Battle of Daruchhian, a Saga of Valour and Sacrifice” is an account of a battle in which in a matter of less than twelve hours a total of eight officers, seven JCOs and one hundred and forty nine ORs were killed, wounded or missing. Those who survived came back with their heads held high not only for what their compatriots did but also their own contributions towards achieving the objective. But it was doomed for failure from the beginning.

Normally we do not recognise failure and the CO inevitably has to face the consequences. But this book is about the brave soldiers who fought an impossible battle.

The first part of the book deals with the problems faced by a CO and how he overcame the same. It also gives out an account of a successful raid on enemy Supply Point carried out before the main battle.

The second part is a detailed account of the battle. It also explains how men were focused during the battle, despite reverses and the enemy proving to be stronger.

The third part enumerates the problems faced by an unsuccessful Commander. The battalion had gone through a traumatic experience with loss of their compatriots. The first major problem faced by CO was how to restore confidence and self belief in the battalion.

Dealing with the unhelpful reaction of Seniors Commanders and efforts of CO to protect the name and dignity of the battalion and the men is described lucidly in the last part.

It was necessary that such a battle in which everyone surged forward for achieving the task, doing more than the call of duty demanded, was recorded. This book has achieved that.. A duty that was long overdue, to the valiant men, has at last been discharged. May this inspire the future generations.

Inderjit Singh Lt. Col. Inderjit Singh, the author of this book, had been fortunate to receive professional training from Col. Kim Yadav, an outstanding trainer who taught him all aspects of the being a good soldier.

Being attached to Strike Corps of the Army he had very exciting tenure writing and conducting exercises regularly. He took charge as Second-in-Command of 14 Grenadiers which he later commanded during the 1971 Indo Pak War. Battle of Daruchhian was fought under his Command.

In 1975 he joined the Army HQs Pamphlet Writing Team, where he wrote two pamphlets. The first being ‘Military Leadership and Command’ and the second ‘Attack Opposed River Crossing Operation’ besides many more. Later he was given charge of Foreign training of Indian Army and foreigners training in India. He left the Army in 1978.



December 13, 1971

An Important Day To Remember


1. Joining The Army
2. My Regimental Grooming and Initial Assignments
3. Our Move to 25 Infantry Division
4. Multi-Directional Attack- Evolution of The Concept
5. No Lull Before The Storm
6. Raid On Atian Supply Point
7. Orders to Raid Jhanjora Gun Area
8. Situation Before The Attack


9. Orders to Capture Daruchhian
10. Preparations for The Attack
11. Battalion Moves for Attack Preliminary Moves
12. Phase I: The Attack Commences-B Company

Moves For Attack Initial Thrust

13. Phase 2: C Company Attacks
14. Phase 3: D Company Attacks
15. CO Moves Out
16. Desperate Efforts of CO’s Party


17. Soon After The Battle
18. Getting Over The Traumatic Experience
19. Persistent Doubts and Suspicions
20. Time To Act
21. Briefing The GOC Corps About The Battle
22. Confidential Complaint
23. A Tale of Three JCOs
24. Daruchhian Commemorated
25. Regimental Scarf Tradition
26. Army Commander Orders to Conduct Battle Study
27. Reaction of Corps Commander
28. Meeting With Army Commander



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