China's Military Power : A Net Assessment

Maj Gen GD Bakshi

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This book is a structured net assessment of China’s military power by a reputed and well-known Indian military analyst. The growth of Chinese military power has been examined with emphasis on how it primarily affects India. The book analyses how India must respond. It has an exhaustively researched section on how the Chinese PLA has performed in actual combat since 1949, and a detailed analysis of the evolution of China’s military doctrines and strategic Culture. The most dangerous for India is the exponential growth in the Chinese Airpower (PLAAF). China has already changed Asia’s balance of power

Maj Gen GD Bakshi Man Gen (Dr) G D Bakshi, SM, VSM (Retd) is a well known strategic analyst and TV commentator on Security Issues. He is one of India’s most combat experienced officers and a prolific writer with over 30 books and 200 papers to his credit.

He led Counter Terrorist Operations (CT Ops) in Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). He led his unit in major skirmishes in Kargil and later spearheaded CT ops in the rugged terrain of Kishtwar and subsequently in the sensitive districts of Rajouri and Poonch. He served extensively on India’s borders with China, and later led a National Defence College (NDC) delegation to China for a comprehensive interaction with China’s National Defence University (NDU), and visits to Chinese units and establishments of all three services. He brings to bear that hands-on experience into this very timely and explosive Net Assessment on India’s most significant security threat: China.

He has had two tenures in India’s prestigious Directorate General of Military Operations (DGMO), in key appointments that provided him a unique overview of India’s threat assesment. He has also taught at the Indian Military Academy (IMA), the Defence Services Staff College (DSSC) and the prestigious National Defence College(NDC) at New Delhi, where he completed his PhD on Limited Wars in South Asia. Currently he is the Editor of the Indian Military Review and a Senior Security Advisor with a leading Indian Multinational Corporate Group with a global presence.


1. Prologue
2. The Rise of Asia: Geo-Political Paradigm Shift
3. Doctrinal Evolution: The Strategic Culture of China
4. Chinese Communist Forces in Action: An Appraisal of
the PLA’s Demonstrated Combat Performance
5. PLA Ground Forces: An Indo-Centric Analysis
6. The PLA Air Force (PLAAF): A Net Assessment of Capability
7. The PLA Navy (PLAN): Paradigm Shift in Strategic Direction
8. China’s Strategic Nuclear Force: The Second Artillery Corps
9. China’s Military-Industrial Complex
10. China’s Faultlines: The Internal Security Scenario
11. Alternative Futures: The Chinese Economy
12. Alternative Military Futures: China
13. Policy Parameters: Dealing with a Rising China



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