India's Sentinel: Select Writings of Air Commodore Jasjit Singh AVSM, VrC, VM (Retd)

Manpreet Sethi and Shalini Chawla

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Vinod Patney
Manpreet Sethi and Shalini Chawla

On the Nuclear Issue

1. Why Nuclear Weapons?
2. India’s Nuclear Policy: The Year After
3. A Nuclear Strategy for India
4. Nuclear Command and Control
5. Future of Nuclear Deterrence: Credibility and Consequences
6. Reexamining the 1996 ICJ Advisory Opinion: Concerning the Legality of Nuclear Weapons
7. Counter-Strike: The Philosophy Underlying India’s Nuclear Doctrine
Manpreet Sethi

On Pakistan

8. The Kashmir Issue
9. The Army in Pakistan
10. Pakistan’s Military Strategy
11. Pakistan’s Nuclear Strategy: An Assessment
12. Pakistan and its Search for Strategic Depth
13. Politics of Mistrust and Confidence-Building
14. Pakistan’s Strategic Culture Shalini Chawla

Manpreet Sethi and Shalini Chawla Dr Manpreet Sethi is an ICSSR Senior Fellow affiliated to the Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi. She is an expert on the entire range of nuclear issues having published over 70 papers in reputed academic journals. Sethi is author of Nuclear Strategy: India's March towards Credible Deterrence (2009) and Argentina's Nuclear Policy (1999); co-author of Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy (2004) and editor of Towards a Nuclear Weapons Free World (2009), Global Nuclear Challenges (2009) and Nuclear Power: In the Wake of Fukushima (2012). She lectures regularly at leading establishments of Indian Armed Forces, Police and Foreign Services. Member of Prime Minister's Informal Group on Disarmament in 2010-11, she has been part of country's Track II initiatives.

Dr Shalini Chawla is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi. She joined CAPS in 2006 and the focus of her studies is Pakistan and Afghanistan. Currently, she is the head of CAPS Project, "Pakistan and Afghanistan: Present and Future". She is also, the Project Director for an ICSSR Project, "Afghanistan: US Withdrawal and Beyond." She has previously authored two books titled Pakistan's Military and Its Strategy (2009) and Nuclear Pakistan (2012). Her articles have been published in various reputed journals and she lectures regularly at various universities, think-tanks and leading institutions of Indian Armed Forces..



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