The Fight for Influence : Russia in Central Asia

Alexey Malashenko

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Since attaining independence, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have forged their own paths—building relationships with outside powers and throwing off the last vestiges of Soviet domination. But in many ways, Moscow still sees Central Asia through the lens of the Soviet Union, and it struggles to redefine Russian relations with the region. Alexey Malashenko offers a comprehensive analysis of Russian policies and prospects in Central Asia. It is clear that Russian policy in the former Soviet space is entering uncharted territory. But does the ruling establishment understand the fundamental shifts under way? It is time for Moscow to rethink its approach to Central Asia.

Alexey Malashenko Alexey Malashenko is the co-chair of the Carneige Moscow Center’s Religion, Society, and Security Program and the author of over 20 books in Russian, English, French, and Arabic.



1. Wasted Opportunities
2. Regional Instruments of Influence
3. Russia and Islam in Central Asia: Problems of Migration
4. Kazakhstan and Its Neighbourhood
5. Kyrgystan—The Exception
6. Tajakistan: Authoritarian, Fragile, and Facing Difficult Challenges
7. Turkmenistan: No Longer Exotic, but Still Authoritarian
8. Uzbekistan: Is there a Potential for Change?
9. Who Challenges Russia in Central Asia.



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