Recent Developments In Afghanistan ICWA Reflections

Editors: Dr. Nivedita Ray and Dr. Anwesha Ghosh

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The Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi has been following the recent developments in Afghanistan closely and have been reflecting upon them through its various research publications. This edited volume, comprising research papers by the Research Faculty of ICWA, focuses on the recent crisis in Afghanistan, its fallout and the responses of the regional countries on the same. Discussions in this issue attempt to bring together fifteen research papers of ICWA on the developments in Afghanistan between July and November 2021.

Editors: Dr. Nivedita Ray and Dr. Anwesha Ghosh

Dr. Nivedita Ray is the Director (Research) at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), New Delhi. She has done her Ph.D from School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her areas of research interest include African Affairs, BRICS, IBSA, South-South and Triangular Development Cooperation, Indian Foreign Policy, Indian Diaspora, Maritime Security, Gender and Conflict Resolution.

She has edited the books India and Africa: The Road Ahead, Africa and India: A Partnership for Development and Growth and Tagore the Eternal Seeker: Footprints of a World Traveller. She has authored the book India’s Engagement with East Africa: Opportunities and Challenges.

Dr. Anwesha Ghosh is a Research Fellow at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), New Delhi. She has taught at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, University of Erfurt, Germany as a Lecturer while conducting her Post-doctoral research on international migration. She holds a doctoral degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Erfurt, an MPhil from the Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, Kolkata and double Masters in History and Development Studies from University of Calcutta and University of Rome, La Sapienza respectively. Dr. Ghosh is the author of Identity and Marginality in India, Settlement Experience of Afghan Migrants (London, New York: Routledge, 2019). Her research interests include developments in India’s neighbourhood, foreign policy, migration with a specific focus on Afghanistan.





1. Is there a Taliban 2.0? Reflecting on the Past to Understand the Present
Anwesha Ghosh

2. Taliban Takeover Afghanistan: What’s Next?
Anwesha Ghosh

3. The Taliban in ‘Power’: Twenty Years of US Involvement in Afghanistan
Stuti Banerjee

4. Russia’s Poised Strategic Ambivalence in Afghanistan
Vivek Mishra

5. Swift Changes in Afghanistan and Central Asia’s Response
Athar Zafar

6. China’s Domestic Debate and Strategic Objectives vis-à-vis Recent Developments in Afghanistan
Sanjeev Kumar

7. The Iranian Approach to the Taliban: Understanding Changes and Continuities
Deepika Saraswat

8. Taliban 2.0 and the Arab World:Past and Present
Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui

9. Qatar’s emergence as a key player in Afghanistan
Anwesha Ghosh

10. Europe’s Afghanistan Conundrum
Ankita Dutta

11. Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan: Anxieties in Africa
Sankalp Gurjar

12. Southeast Asia and the Return of Taliban in Afghanistan
Temjenmeren Ao

13. Latin America and Afghanistan
Stuti Banerjee

14. The Race to Fill the Strategic Vacuum in Afghanistan Portends Instability
Vivek Mishra

15. G20 pledges aid to avert humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan
Anwesha Ghosh




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