India and Africa: The Road Ahead

Editor: Nivedita Ray (Ed)

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India and Africa, nurture a historically cordial relationship that has acquired a renewed significance over the last decade, with the change seen in their respective territories and the international system. The common interests that are driving the partnership encompass diverse fields concerning politics, economic development and security. With the changing international system and shifting geopolitics new opportunities are also emerging for India and Africa to collaborate.

Against this backdrop the book is an effort to “re-examine” India-Africa relations in this changing global order. It puts together Indian perspectives on various aspects of India-Africa relations and the road ahead. It contains some of the selected papers presented at a national conference on “India-Africa Relations in a Changing Global Order: Priorities, Prospects and Challenges” organised by Indian Council of World affairs on May21-22, 2019. The issues and concerns that have been brought into focus through different papers relate to India and Africa engagement in the context of global governance, democracy, common security and development challenges, diaspora and people to people connections. The book also contains the perspectives shared by Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaih Naidu and Secretary (Economic Relations), Ministry of External Affairs, Shri TS Tirumurti on India and Africa relations in the changing global order.

Editor: Nivedita Ray (Ed) Dr. Nivedita Ray is Director (Research) at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), New Delhi. She has done her Ph.D from School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has undertaken research on foreign policy and security issues of Sub-Saharan Africa. Her areas of research interest include Indian Foreign Policy, India-Africa Relations, BRICS, IBSA, South-South Development Cooperation, Indian Diaspora, Maritime Security, Gender and Conflict.

She has presented research papers in various national and international seminars in India and abroad. She has contributed articles in journals, chapters in edited books, websites and magazines. She has edited the book Africa and India: A Partnership for Development and Growth and Tagore the Eternal Seeker: Footprints of the World Traveller. She has authored the book India’s Engagement with East Africa: Opportunities and Challenges. Her current research project is on ‘African Asian Encounters’.





Valedictory Speech by

Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu
Hon’ble Vice President of India and President of ICWA

Remarks by Shri T.S. Tirumurti

Secretary (Economic Relations)
Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India


1. Strengthening India-Africa Ties: Initiatives, Approaches and Emerging Prospects
Nivedita Ray

2. Global Trade Governance, the WTO and India-Africa Cooperation: Prospects and Challenges
Pranav Kumar

3. Reforming the International Economic Institutions: India and Africa in the IMF and WTO
Priyanka Pandit

4. Democratisation in the Changing Economic Landscape of Africa: A Perspective
S. Shaji

5. India and Africa in the Energy Sector (Oil and Natural Gas): Cooperation and Issues of Concern
Sanjay Kumar Pradhan

6. Nature and Challenges of UN Peacekeeping in Africa and Areas of Cooperation to Enhance Effectiveness of Peacekeeping
Chander Prakash Wadhwa

7. Deconstructing Terrorism in India and Africa: Prospects for Bilateral Counter-terrorism Cooperation
Arvind Kumar

8. The Significance of P-2-P as a Strategy in Promoting India-Africa Relations
Sanjukta Banerji Bhattacharya

9. Role of Indian Diaspora in Anglophone Africa in the Promotion of Bilateral Relations
Rajneesh Kumar Gupta

10. Factoring Indian Diaspora in India-Francophone Africa Relations

11. The Homeland via Bollywood: A Study of Indian Diaspora in Durban, South Africa
Nandini Sen




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