Weapons of War: Environmental Impact

U C Jha

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This book provides an in-depth analysis of nine weapons and explosive remnants of war, their uses in armed conflict and their deadly impact on the environment. Besides three weapons of mass destruction (Biological, Chemical and Nuclear), it also covers controversial weapons like Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorus, Cluster Munitions, and Anti-personnel Landmines, their military applications, and the health and environmental hazard posed by them. The book offers an impartial analysis of legal regimes, and their efficacy in minimising the damage these weapons wreak on humans and the environment. It then examines the principles and rules of international humanitarian law, which could be used by the international community to ban these weapons. The book concludes by making a few recommendations addressed to international organisations, the States and military commanders with a view to reducing the damage caused by these weapons to the earth’s pristine environment.

U C Jha Wing Commander Dr. U. C. Jha is an independent researcher. He has an extensive academic experience in the fields of international humanitarian law, human rights laws and military law. He has been teaching these subjects for more than a decade and is a resource person for the South Asian Teaching Sessions in IHL, conducted by the International Committee of the Red Cross. His work comprises seven books, besides more than 65 articles which have been published in various journals and magazines. He has served in the Indian Air Force for 24 years. He holds a PhD degree in Law and Governance from Jawaharlal Nehru University; master’s degree in law, life sciences, business administration, and defence and strategic studies; with post-graduate diplomas in environmental laws, intellectual property laws, and international humanitarian law, refugee law and human rights laws.



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