Insurgency and Counter Insurgency: A Dangerous War of Nerves

AV Chandrasekaran

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This book is primarily an effort to study the phenomenon called insurgency that has been posing a huge challenge to the internal security of the country. Though a wealth of literature on the subject already exists, a need was felt to analyse the multiple facets of insurgency as no country barring India has witnessed this endemic for a prolonged period. The subject is so vast and dynamic that no strait-jacketed solution can be prescribed to curb this menace overnight. However, an attempt has been made to analyse this phenomenon and prescribe remedial antidotes.

The author has attempted to capture the origin of insurgency which dates back to a late 18th century, and study various causes and numerous factors that fuel it. In addition, he has also attempted to study the doctrines and strategies, with special emphasis on both Islamic insurgency and other forms of uprisings in the country that continue to pose challenges to the Indiansecurity environment. Owing allegiance to his uniform, the author has also attempted to bring out the role of air power in counterinsurgency operations.

The penultimate chapter deals with shaping a viable counter-insurgency strategy and spells out the essential parameters, principles and pitfalls of such a strategy. The chapter also dwells on the political aim and the importance of a socio-economic turnabout to scale down insurgency. The use of calibrated force rather than brutal armed suppressive methods is advocated. Will insurgencies ever end? This lingering question is discussed in the final chapter and certain essential strategies, both military and non-military, are spelt out which would provide occasions and opportunities to forge a lasting solution to insurgency in India.

AV Chandrasekaran Group Captain A.V. Chandrasekaran is a serving officer of the Indian Air Force. In a career spanning 28 years, the officer has served in various frontline operational bases and held varied assignments. The officer is vastly experienced in the security and intelligence set-ups of the Air Force. He has had two operational tenures as a counter-intelligenc officer in the Air Force intelligence set-up. In addition, he has been the Chief Administrative Officer of a training base, and was coordinating and overseeing the physical security of all Air Force installations in Southern India as the Staff Officer (Provost) of Headquarters Training Command Air Force. He has a Masters degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from the University of Madras, where he won the coveted Ministry of Defence Gold Medal, and also holds an M Phil degree from the University of Madras in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is currently pursuing his Doctoral Research from the University of Madras.



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