Cruise Missile: Evolution, Proliferation and Future

Sitakant Mishra

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For the last few decades, cruise missiles have been increasingly used and are in the process of unabated spread. While the major powers have used this Big Stick conveniently in increasing numbers, the developing countries find in them the poor man’s arsenal. But why and how they have evolved, and what its likely implications, are not seriously been debated.

This study, therefore, is an endeavour to define various contours of cruise missiles and their evolution which now seem moving towards a matured stage. It identifies the trend and nuances of cruise missile spread by enquiring the utility, motive and future of them in different strategic scenarios. While visualising cruise missiles as the weapons of the future, the book suggests for a joint approach of cruise missile control and defence to contain their spread and to manage the threat.

Sitakant Mishra Sitakanta Mishra is Research Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi. Over the last seven years he has focussed on subjects related to nuclear and foreign policy of India, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons proliferation, and South Asian security affairs. Earlier he was associated with Indian Pugwash Society and the Indian Foreign Affairs Journal.
Mr Mishra is the author of The Challenge of Nuclear Terror (2008). His research papers are published both in national and international journals and books. He is shortly completing his PhD from South Asian Studies Division of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.



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