Disaster Management: An Appraisal of Institutional Mechanism in India

O S Dagur

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The core theme of this study is analysis of the revamped institutional mechanism and the recent initiatives that are in the process of being implemented in the context of managing disasters in India. While discussing some of the major concerns relating to institutional mechanisms for managing disasters, the book provides inputs and recommends suitable measures to improve the overall framework. Recommendations are towards making the institutional mechanism, comprising the government and non-government organisations, community and as well as individuals, more responsive through a participative, collaborative and professional approach to managing disasters. The book suggests a willing, collective, participatory, professional and collaborative approach integrating individuals, communities, organisations at local, district, state, national, regional and international levels for a relatively disaster free environs. It advocates a comprehensive framework incorporating the political, social, economic, scientific and technological fields, well integrated with the development process of the country, supported by the techno-legal/statutory provisions and strict enforcement strategies. Author’s distinguished military background and rich experience in managing organisational behavior as well as in handling aspects of organisational effectiveness and development have helped in succinct analysis of various issues of the subject. The book is an immense resource for research scholars, teachers, Service personnel, media people, policy makers, activists, students, and governmental and non-governmental organisations on disaster management.

O S Dagur Brig OS Dagur was commissioned into 5th Regiment of Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force) in 1980. He served in varied terrain profiles including in Sri Lanka (Operation Pawan) and participated in the United Nations Mission in Mozambique (1993-94). His other assignments include instructor in Commando Wing of the Infantry School, General Staff Officer in an infantry division and command of an infantry battalion of the regiment during Operation Vijay. After a tenure with the Perspective Planning Directorate at the Army HQ, he was on study leave with the Centre for Land Warfare Studies during which he completed this study. Having commanded a brigade in the Western Theatre, Brig Dagur is presently posted as Deputy Director General in Operational Logistics Directorate at the Army HQ.



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