Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Reconnect ~ Rejuvenate

Editor Athar Zafar

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) since its formation has emerged as a prominent platform to enhance cooperation among its members in the shared Eurasian space. It aims to promote regional collaboration and cooperative solutions to shared challenges through consensus.

India became a member of the organisation in 2017 and chaired it for the first time in 2022-23. Under the theme of ‘Towards a SECURE SCO’, India’s effort was to further enhance interactions at all levels and promote understanding through dialogue and cooperation. In this context, Indian Council of World Affairs organised an ‘International Conference on Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Reconnect ~ Rejuvenate’ in March 2023 which looked at enhancing cooperation among the SCO Member States, Observers, and Dialogue Partners. The present publication is a collection of presentations made by the experts at this conference.

The publication brings to the reader a collection of views on SCO and on regional dynamics from diverse perspectives. It offers suggestions and recommendations for further strengthening of cooperation among SCO countries. The book will be of interest to the academic community as well as practitioners of diplomacy seeking to sharpen their understanding of Eurasia and related developments.

Editor Athar Zafar

Dr. Athar Zafar is a Senior Research Fellow at the Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi. He is heading the SCO Study Centre at the Council since its inception in 2021. Earlier, he was a Research Fellow at the Council, where he has been working for over a decade.

Dr. Zafar is engaged in academic research on Central Asia, South Caucasia, and prominent regional organisations, including the SCO. He has published monographs, edited books, research papers, delivered lectures, and presented papers in national and international conferences.



1. A Perspective from Kazakhstan
Zhumabek Sarabekov

2. Situation and Tasks Facing the SCO in the Midst of Great Change
Deng Hao

3. Strengthening Cooperation and Empowering Youth: Key Themes at the SCO Conference
Altynai Kanatbekovna Aliiaskarova

4. Reconnecting Hearts and Rejuvenating Minds in SCO Spaces: Featuring Assets of Pakistan
Ume Farwa

5. Economic Development Strategy of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Security Issues of Further Development
Saidmurodov Lyutfillo

6. SCO and Uzbekistan
Batyr Tursunov

7. Peace and Prosperity in the SCO Space through Consolidation and Cooperation: View from Belarus
Oleg Makarov

8. Reconnecting the People: Mongolia’s Participation in the SCO
Soyolgerel Nyamjav

9. Integration Toolkit for Regional Countries: View from Armenia
Gohar Iskandaryan

10. A View from Bahrain on the SCO
Abdulrahman Al Gaoud

11. Why does the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Matter to Egypt?
Ahmed Kandil

12. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Significance and Cambodia’s Engagement
Lim Menghour

13. Reconnect for Stability: Ensuring Secure Re-Emergence of Eurasia
Jasem Al-Najem

14. Perspective on the SCO from Maldives
Aly Shameem

15. SCO: A Perspective from the UAE
Ebtesam Alteneiji

16. Sri Lanka’s Potential as a Leading Maritime Hub and Opportunities for Enhanced Connectivity amongst the SCO Member States
Yasoja Gunasekara




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