A World of Rights : Navigating the Global Landscape of Human Rights

Edited by : Neeraj Singh Manhas, Nitan Sharma and Abhinav Tomar

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A World of Rights: Navigating the Global Landscape of Human Rights offers a comprehensive exploration of the complex and ever-evolving field of human rights on a global scale. This edited volume brings together diverse perspectives from leading experts, scholars, and activists who shed light on the challenges, triumphs, and ongoing struggles in the realm of human rights.

The book delves into a wide range of critical topics, including the historical development of human rights, the legal frameworks and international conventions that shape the field, and the major issues and violations witnessed across different regions of the world. It examines the intersecting dimensions of human rights, such as gender, race, socioeconomic status, and more, to provide a holistic understanding of the challenges faced by marginalised communities.

It aims to create awareness, foster empathy, and encourage readers to take action in the face of injustice. The book also delves into the strategies and initiatives employed by activists and organisations working tirelessly to promote and protect human rights globally. It serves as a vital resource for students, scholars, policymakers, and anyone passionate about understanding and promoting human rights in our interconnected world.

Edited by : Neeraj Singh Manhas, Nitan Sharma and Abhinav Tomar

Mr Neeraj Singh Manhas is the Special Advisor for South Asia at the Parley Policy Initiative, Republic of Korea. He has previously worked as the Director of Research in the Indo-Pacific Consortium at Raisina House, New Delhi.

Dr Nitan Sharma is an alumnus of the Department of Law, University of Jammu. He is currently teaching in The Law School, University of Jammu. Prior to this assignment, he served as an Assistant Professor (Law) in Amity Law School, Amity University, Noida. He has authored and edited books on contemporary issues of socio-legal relevance viz. Environment, Rights of Transgender Persons, Women and Law, and Human Rights.

Dr Abhinav Tomer is an alumnus of Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow from where he did his BA LLB(H). He did his LLM (Banking and Finance) from National Law University, Jodhpur and PhD from Institute of Foreign Trade and Management University. He has published several research papers in renowned journals.





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About the Editors and Contributors

Part I: Human Rights Challenges in Asia

1. Water as a Human Right: A Case Study of the Water Stress among the Uyghur in China
Pintu Kumar Mahla

2. North Korean Refugees in China: A Humanitarian Perspective
Kriti Chopra and Neeti Chowdhury

3. Promulgation and Amendment of Anti-Racial Laws for Northeast Indians Living Across India
Poonam Patel

Part II: Human Rights in Conflict and Crisis Situations

4. An Assessment of the Human Rights Situation in Afghanistan Post August 2021
Rushita Shetty and Vasu Sharma

5. Human Rights in Global Health Crises and Disease Outbreaks
Tanya Goyal

6. Migration and Human Rights Abuses in War-Torn Countries: Syria and Ukraine
Vivek Pathak

Part III: Human Rights and Emerging Issues

7. New Frontiers of Human Rights: Cybersecurity Challenges and International Law
Tarazi Mohammed Sheikh

8. The Sinking of the Land in Joshimath and the Indian Constitution’s Human Rights Guarantees
Sahibnoor Singh Sidhu and Shruti Pathania

9. The Human Rights Implications of Toxic Waste Colonialism: An Overview
Monica Narang and Monika Bhardwaj

10. From Ambiguity to Protection: The Case of Climate Change-Induced Displacement
Kartika Bakshi and Hardik Sharma

Part IV: Human Rights and Distributive Justice

11. Right to the City: Understanding the City as a Site of Human Rights
Atanu Bose

12. Strengthening Human Rights through Good Governance Practices
Paridhi Billore

13. The Rights of Transgender: The Battle of Egalitarianism
Richa Yadav

14. Women’s Rights are Human Rights: Status and Protection under International Law
Vijay Saigal and Shivangi Sharma

Part V: Human Rights and its Comparative Perspective

15. Specific Provisions Relating to Certain Special Classes in the Constitutions of India and the United States: A Comparative Study
Priyansh Shukla

16. Maintenance of Human Rights by Regulating the use of Force by States: An Interrelationship between Jus ad bellum and Jus cogens
Kanika Sharma and Adisree Telem

17. Environmental Protection During Armed Conflicts: A Human Rights Perspective
E. Prema, V. Shyam Sundar and S. Parthiban

18. Refugee Rights and Problems in India: A Legal Study
Arun Kumar Singh and Upendra Grewal

19. Migrant Workers and Human Rights: An Extended Briefing
Sheeba Ahad and Waseeq-ul-Rashid

Part VI: Human Rights and Contemporary Issues

20. Gender-Based Discrimination against Women in India: A Violation of Human Rights in the Present Scanario
Yogendra Singh and Sani Kumar Misra

21. From Zero Tolerance to a Case for Human Rights Protection: Addressing the Issue of Family Separation at the US-Mexico Border
Lakshmi Subramanian

22. ‘A Continual Exit’ Understanding Venezuela’s Development through the Recurring Migrant Crisis
Kirti Koushika

23. Social Media Activism and Advocacy for Hindu Human Rights: A Case Study of Twitter
Kaveri Madhak and Nidhi S



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