Musings and Mindscapes

Raj Kamal Johri

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Musings and Mindscapes is the first collection of his blogs. These are the pieces through his prismatic view of life and career experiences, generally a light-hearted take. Here he has attempted to organise within the mind, his thoughts and perceptions and the emotional and conceptual spaces. Readers may be able to relate to some of these experiences.

Raj Kamal Johri is a retired IPS officer of West Bengal cadre. He is a Masters in English Literature and a Law graduate.
He is a writer and also a compiler of books of professional interest for police officers. Also from an early age, he has been an avid writer for children.
He is a recipient of the Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service and the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service.


1. Blogged Musings
2. Adda Infinitum
3. Barkis is Willin’
4. Being Selfish
5. Blowin’ in the Wind
6. Cometh the Man
7. State of Denial
8. Janmashtami
9. Rubik’s Cube
10. Listicles
11. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… 12. On Return from Abu
13. Narayani Bai
14. Not the Last Page
15. Of Death and Dying
16. Of Hugs and Kisses
17. One Year Later…
18. Out of Syllabus
19. Qui Non Stultus?
20. Requiem for a Friend
21. My Name is Anthony Gonsalves
22. Serendipity
23. Shankha-naad
24. Don’t Smile: We are Indians
25. Stress
26. The Beverage
27. The Final Whistle
28. The Sunset Years
29. Waiting to Happen
30. What’s in a Name?
31. Where is the Contingency?
32. Who Are You?
33. Wishes are Horses
34. Working Lunch



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