The Strategic Water Resource of India

Vithiyapathy Purushothaman

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Brahmaputra being a transboundary river, it traverses through China, India and Bangladesh. It is subjected to several questions about presently built and proposed dams in its upstream. To decode the truth behind the threat perceptions of dam building on upper reaches, the author has travelled along the course of Brahmaputra River in India. The book includes the first-hand data collected during Assam and Arunachal Pradesh journey. The report thrives to study the flow, usage and its importance in the region. The book also describes China’s rivers and its river water management system, its dry 11 regions and how China manages to overcome its shortage of water in those regions. It throws light on China’s proposed South to North transfer projects which is designed for meeting the water demands of people. Further, the book highlights the ground water depletion in India and importance of its National Waterway Project. Thus, Brahmaputra being a mighty water resource, it will serve as a strategic water resource for river connectivity from North to South in India. Finally, the book proposes the recommendations to resolve ground water issues in India based on the observations that was done throughout the project.

Vithiyapathy Purushothaman is a PhD scholar at School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and Researcher at Science and Technology Innovation and Regional Development think-tank of Hefei, China.

He is a former Research Officer at Chennai Centre for China Studies. He has completed his engineering in Computer Science and did Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies, further M.Phil in Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies from University of Madras, Chennai. His research interest centres science and technology developments and strategic studies.



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