Kargil Review Committee Report and Indian Media-Military Relationship: Journey and Impact

Dr Kriti Singh

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In the Indian context, the Indian media-military relationship has evolved over a period of time. This qualitative research study based book has explored the role of media, especially news media, during conflicts in the context of India and its relationship with the military. The objective of the research study was to understand the journey and impact of Kargil Review Committee (KRC) Report on Indian media-military relationship, with special reference to Jammu and Kashmir conflict. It commences with the brief background of India and Pakistan conflict in Jammu and Kashmir with special reference to the Kargil War (1999). It also provides an overview of media-military relationship with US case study and an in-depth analysis of Indian media-military relationship during Kargil War. It further discusses, the Kargil Review Committee (KRC) Report and makes an attempt to understand its impact and journey so far in Indian media military relationship. The book strives to gauge how far the KRC Report had influenced this relationship till date. This book is an essential reading for scholars and academicians of media studies and conflict studies, defence personnel involved in media relations, civilian officers in involved in media relations and public relations, conflict/defence reporters, policymakers, qualitative researchers, communicators to understand how two different institutions Indian media-military functions and evolved with time.

Dr Kriti Singh is a communication academician, qualitative researcher, author and social worker. She is presently an Assistant Professor at Department of Mass Communication, Sharda University and a Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow at CyBureau: The Institute of Cyber Policy Studies, Israel. She is also working president of New Delhi based NGO CaptAyushPurursartha Foundation (2005) and Honorary Director of Altruist Centre for Research, Training and Development (ACTRD).

She has authored a book titled Media Disquisitions: Contemporary Media Discourses of 21st Century in 2020 and co-authored Contemporary Media Discourses: Trends, Issues and Prospects in 2021. She has written more than 80 research papers, chapters, review papers and web articles. She is the recipient of 6th Edition of Dr. Sarojni Naidu International Award for Working Women 2022, Sharda University Certificate of Honor for research in 2021 and Best Researcher of the Year 2021 Award. She is affiliated both international and national prestigious organisations like International Association for Media and Communication Research, International Academic Forum, Japan, Osaka University, Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia, International Film and Television Research Centre, Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, Public Relation Society of India and Global Media Education Council to name a few. In the past, she was associated with GD Goenka University, Jagannath International Management School (JIMS), New Delhi, Jaipur National University, Jaipur, Centre for Air Power Studies, YWCA, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies,Times Internet and Doordarshan News.






1. Brief Background of India and Pakistan Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir with Special Reference to the Kargil War
2. Media-Military Relationship: An Overview
3. Indian Media-Military Relationship during Kargil War: A Turning Point
4. ‘From Surprise to Reckoning’ Kargil Review Committee Report: A Brief Overview
5. Kargil Review Committee Report and Media Relations: An Assessment


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