Narcotics: Crime, Terrorism and Control

SP Kar

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At the outset, the book gives a list of the currently available narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, classified under relevant categories with a description of their origins and effects on users, to enable the reader to know the wide variety of drugs in use the world over. The theoretical explanations in respect of the diverse, and often queer, drug abuse patterns and their consequences have been highlighted. The region-wise history and the style of production of narcotics as well as the economics and geo-politics involved therein have been examined. The book investigates the diverse drug trafficking patterns, the layout of the global drug routes and the functioning of major drug cartels in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Nuances of the profit-giving drugs trade that does the billion dollar funding of insurgencies and gunrunning across the globe have also been probed.

There is special forms on the pattern and role of substance abuse in national and international sports. Besides, the book contains a summary of the history of the international community’s intervention in thwarting the escalation of the drug menace.

Finally, it contains comparative study of drug law enforcement in the major countries of the world, including India.

SP Kar The author, Shri S.P. Kar, hails from Assam. He joined the Assam Police as a deputy superintendent in 1968 and served the department till the end of 2004.
He worked as a superintendent of police in several districts including the Railways, and commanded armed police battalions, besides holding the office of Principal, Assam Police Training College. As D.I.G and I.G.P, he specialised in investigation, prosecution and legal matters. He was also Director of Prosecution, Assam.
Shri Kar gives talks at various fora on a wide variety of subjects like insurgency, human rights, crimes against women and children, drug trafficking, juvenile justice and so on. He writes on subjects of topical interest. Shri Kar received the Indian Police Medal for meritorious service in the year 2000.



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