Indian Army Aviation 2025

Vijay Oberoi

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Indian Army aviation became an independent corps of the Army in 1986. Today, Army Aviation has the largest number of helicopters amongst the three services. Yet, the expansion of this vital corps has been slow, mainly on account of opposition from the Indian Air force (IAF). In the tactical arena, army formations and units require intimate support from the air. This can be best provided by Army Aviation. Unfortunately, on account of “turf” considerations, the logical growth of Army Aviation has been hamstrung. The result is missed opportunities in battle.

Army Aviation has braved the neglect of years and has performed creditably with its meagre resources in multi-terrain and operational conditions, bet needs to rapidly modernise. This volume is aimed on various aspects of Army Aviation so that this important component of the army becomes a force multiplier par excellence and be an important battle winning factor in future wars and conflicts.

Vijay Oberoi Lieutenant General Vijay Oberoi, a former Vice Chief of Army Staff, is the founder Director of the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS). In his over 40 years of distinguished service in the Army, he has held a variety of prestigious appointments viz Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and Army Commander of both the Army Training Command and the Western Army Command.
After his retirement, he devotes considerable time to writing for newspapers and professional journals. He actively participates in seminars and delivers lectures on security related issues and international relations. He has edited and contributed in the books Army 2020 (2004), Special Forces (2006) and Indian Army Aviation 2025( 2007). He has also contributed chapters to Changing Perspective on National Security (2004), India’s National Security Annual Review 2003 and 2006; The Indian Army - Brief History (2005); Emerging India-Security and Foreign Policy Perspectives (2005); South Asia Defence and Strategic Year Book 2007; SPs Military Yearbook 2006-2007; and Threat to Security (Manas 2007).



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