Who Stole My Soul? A Dialogue with the Devil on the Meaning of Life

Vishwa Prakash

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If a soul is intangible and resides within our hearts and minds, can it be stolen? More importantly, who do you turn to when you feel your soul slipping away from you? In this fantastical, semi-autobiographical book, Vishwa Prakash addresses these questions. When Vishwa feels a mysterious force sweep away his soul, he embarks on a spiritual quest and appeals to an unusual being for help-the devil, who is not quite what Vishwa expected.Vishwa's dialogue with the devil takes him deep within himself, in search of answers to his dilemma. The devil has an unorthodox viewpoint, which intrigues one moment and enlightens the next.Peppered with inspirational quotes from around the world, Who Stole My Soul? provides a fascinating interpretation of the purpose of the human soul and the meaning of life itself and may just inspire you to make a spiritual quest of your own.

Vishwa Prakash Vishwa Prakesh holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance and runs a textile design firm with offices in Asia and New York.

As a keen student of spirituality and a popular keynote speaker, Vishwa has been featured on various national and international TV networks, in addition to newspapers and magazines.



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