R.O.G. The Secret Service

Bakhshish Singh

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To their classmates, Nick and Chris are losers – failures in every subject, and without any talent. But we must acknowledge the fact not all of us excel in the same fields. And the field Nick and Chris excel in involves hand-to-hand combat, guns, knives, chainsaw-wielding criminals, and life-threatening situations, like walking on top of a flying plane (that’s true).

Join former secret agent Luca Anthony and his team of young agents, as they go on a quest to save the world, uncover their past, and uphold their legacy...

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Bakhshish Singh is an Indian teenager who accidentally stumbled upon the secret world of spies and secret agents. He wanted to join R.O.G: The Secret Service, but since he was not eligible (and was humiliatingly kicked out), he decided to tell the world about it instead.


1. The Madman
2. Welcome Back to School
3. ‘Old Man’
4. The Strange Airport
5. Cheesy Fries
6. The ‘Friendly’ Knight
7. Luca Anthony
8. Nikita has No Head
9. ‘Cheese Burger’
10. Game On
11. The Crazy Nomads
12. Trust Issues
13. ‘Pour Femme’
14. Doppelgängers
15. A Bizarre Encounter
16. The Trials
17. ‘Best of Luck’
18. Tony Chang
19. A Promise
20. A Welcome Gift
21. ‘Please Trust Me’
22. The Exo Serum
23. Nobody Touches Leo
24. The 96th Hour
25. Mission Failed
26. Nightmare
27. Broken Promises, Broken Hearts
28. Criminals
29. The Revenants
30. Robcorp Inc.
31. Something’s Fishy
32. Bloodshed
33. We Love You, Leo!
34. Luca Is Caught
35. Behind the Scenes
36. Leo the Mastermind
37. A Familiar Face
38. The Expert Driver
39. Isaac Byro
40. Divided
41. Jessica is Back to Work
42. Luca’s Flaw
43. Team Zero.1
44. Friend or Foe?
45. A Strange Reunion
46. Byro’s Home
47. Capital Letter ‘A’, Encircled
48. Byro’s World
48.1 Parents
48.2 Warrior Babies
48.3 Water
48.4 An Egyptian Friend
48.5 Shadow-Less
48.6 Young Luca
48.7 A Lesson to Learn
48.8 A Blast from the Past
48.9 The Final Showdown
48.10 Dramatic Ending
49. Reality Strikes Hard
50. The Real Villain
51. The Devil Arrives
52. ESS to the Rescue
53. Dr Cadenas and the ISC
54. Janitor Problems
55. Oh No, Not Again
56. SamsThe Saviour
57. Black Blazers
58. The Third Key
59. No Choice But to Win
60. Betrayal
61. The Hoodwinker
62. Family
63. Back Home
64. Apple Juice
65. Byro’s Treasure
66. A New Beginning



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